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I’ve put out a great deal of information over the past three weeks…and I’m having some computer difficulties again with my technical expert currently unavailable. It occurred to me that this might be a good time for readers to catch up on all this information (most of which ties together), and perhaps use it to do some of their own research, then come back here and do some brainstorming. Call it an open thread, open discussion, or whatever…it could prove interesting.

[UPDATE: I had intended to get a new post out today (actually, I should say “yesterday”), however, circumstances made that impossible. I hope to have one out, properly researched, by end of day (the 21st). This open discussion is definitely not getting a lot of interest, probably because everyone is looking for new information which takes a LOT of time to put together, so I also needed a break. By the way, if anyone has any suggestions for future posts I’m quite open to them.]


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The North American Union, Part 1

It is amazingly difficult to find credible information regarding the North American Union, yet the very concept of such an arrangement would have extraordinary impact upon the daily lives of each and every human being in the three nations which are poised to be folded under one socio-economic umbrella. There is no doubt that such a concept is very much an element of globalization.

What will this mean for the United States? What will this mean for Canada? What will this mean for Mexico? And, more importantly, what will this mean for the average citizen of each of these nations?

I intend to run a series exploring these questions, but first we must examine whatever evidence might be available that we are indeed heading in that direction…and why the government is so loathe to discuss this matter with the American public. Continue reading

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