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Guest Contributors


Freedom6 is, in fact, our friend and regular commenter, “Freedom.” As I said when I first started this blog, I intended to eventually have guest op-ed contributors, of which Freedom is the first, and eventually an expert contributor or two. Freedom will be a regular in the “Op-Ed” category. His comments in the various threads have been insightful and I feel that he will add much to our exploration of the issue of immigration, both locally and nationally.

I had personally intended, from the beginning, to try and refrain from editorializing in my own posts and saving my opinions for the comments section, but I know that any successful blog requires a bit of controversy in order to truly generate debate and discussion. I am particularly grateful for Freedom’s participation at this time due to the recent difficulties, both technical and personal, that I have had in posting as regularly as I should. His participation is not only most welcome but very timely. I am sure that we will see some lively discussions (within the rules, of course) in the future!